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I'm Eira Ashling Kynthia, author of Wo-Man: Spiritually, Mentally, and Emotionally Renewing Woman's Awareness and Recognition of Her Divine Prestige.

"If the Bible had been written by women, how different would the world be today?" (Kristen Broyles, 2013, Public Relations Publicist)

There is a movement to bring a deeper awareness of the truth of our Divine Creator's word within the Holy Bible.  The current words, written by 57 men under the rule of King James, dismisses, disrespects, and demoralizes women.  Wo-Man brings to light the truth, based on factual evidence, the blessed prestige of the feminine in every area of our universe. 

About the Author

Author's Note:

Eira Ashling Kynthia is a model of resiliency and a prime example of God’s promise that challenges in life will arise AND that He will always be there to walk with you. Through the dark and the light of her US Army career and the devastating loss of her only son of 23 years, John, she learned to embrace God’s unconditional love and unique gifts to the woman she is – shedding the burdens of guilt and male dominance.  Now her mission is to share this enlightenment of Divine equality so that women everywhere can enjoy the freedom to simply “Be”, just as God intended for all women, within the creation of her very “Being”. 

About my latest book, Wo-Man: Spiritually, Mentally, and Emotionally Renewing Woman's Awareness and Recognition of Her Divine Prestige

 Women have always been blessedly empowered by Divine recognition, yet possessed by the heavy burden within the belittling lie of original sin. Wo-Man deconstructs the Biblical misinterpretations that steal respectful recognition by mankind toward and of women.  Wo-Man focuses on woman’s value in her very “Being” with unconditional love and acceptance while removing the world’s need for her “To do” to prove her worth at the request of mankind.  This revolutionary work is a guide to letting go of the guilt which has subjectively influenced women to man’s seemingly unimpeachable sense of dominance, transforming and liberating her within the absolute joy of her very “Being“.  This empowerment, Divinely given with unconditional love, is showered upon all women, as verified within the excerpt below from Wo-Man.

Mary, Mother of Jesus (Excerpt from "Wo-Man")

King David's lineage ends with Jesus through Mary, a woman who God has placed above even man, as He permitted Mary to beget a Son, without the seed of man. He bestowed the greatest honor, as a sign of respect, not to man, but to woman, and specifically a woman of a long line of Levite Priests, our blessed Mother Mary, "Blessed is she among all women. Blessed is the fruit of her womb, Jesus!" The line of Kings ends with a woman, Mary, so that no others may claim the right to sit upon the throne. Mary is the last to have the inalienable birth right to the throne of Adam. Belief in Jesus gives us an inheritance to the throne, not because of anything we have done or because of our position in life, but solely because of Jesus and His position promised by God in the very beginning in the book of Genesis. Ladies, this is the level of respect, honor, and grace which has been, is, and will always be given to women by God. God recognizes women with precedence and therefore, no other being has any right or authority to usurp that which He has bestowed upon women. It is time that all of mankind recognize women based on this precedence, granting them equal respect, honor, and dignity in all matters. For it is written that woman is graced with the power of the Angels (1 Corinthians 11:10, emphasis mine), "For this cause ought the woman to have a power on her head because of the angels", which is the authority over woman—not mankind (KJV Study Bible, 2002).